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Pit Crew

A huge thanks to the people who don't have to turn up but do, time and again. Our trusty pit crew travel with us to as many rounds as they possibly can, at their own expense, and consistantly produce a great effort to keep the bikes running and the riders fed and watered. The importance of this fine (if slightly mad) band of people cannot be underestimated and the amount of help, support and encouragement provided is truly appreciated by the riders who simply couldn't do it without them.


Pit Monkey

Name: Phil Godfrey

Day Job: Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Special Powers: Master of Tyre Changes, Oil and Last Minute Bodges. Has secret stash of hi-grade alloy components. (Face not suitable for display)

Best Moment: Whilst dismantling our awning after a track day, the wind gusted heavily. Phil was hoisted a good few feet in the air by the giant kite but refused to let go of the team's prize (£50) possession!


A massive thanks to Dave Pickering for his photographic expertise. Almost all of the action shots on this site will have been snapped by this guy and his work is excellent. Dave's been kind enough to let us pay him in beer and used tyres this season so we are extremely grateful. Cheers Dave!

If you would like to make use of Dave's talent for sports photography then Contact Us and we will put you in touch.

Fellow Competitors

Since starting out with NG Road Racing Club in 2003 we have been blessed with meeting some of the most genuine and kind-hearted people you would ever wish to know. That just about sums up everyone involved with the club. We were made to feel extremely welcome from the start and were offered help at every step of the way.


You soon realise what a great bunch of people you’re dealing with when you have your first crash. Within minutes there’ll be a crowd of fellow competitors and their teams surrounding your broken machine, all ready to help out with advice, labour, tools and spares. We’ve had our rivals work through the night before to help us get back out there. You’re never in it on your own at NG!


Amongst all of those we’ve met there have been some who’ve really gone the extra mile to help us out. Ricky Ross at Front Row Motorcycles, Matt Phillips and family and Jimmers and Paul at Highslide Racing.


A special mention has to be made for our paddock comrades Moron Brothers Racing. We were drawn together in 2003 by the principal of “great minds think alike”, or not as the case may be! We were both in our first season and were the only two teams to entertain the insane idea of sharing one bike between two riders. We have supported each other and shared resources (and the odd drink!) at practically every meeting since. This has been a great help to us and has greatly reduced our workload whilst increasing the number of laughs. Thanks to everyone!

Family & Friends

Ian and I have both been extremely lucky in the support we have received from our families. Despite the obvious dangers and the concern and stress caused to those closest to us they’re still completely forthcoming with their encouragement for us to do the sport we love. Racing is a selfish sport and sometimes it’s all too easy to forget that when you’re out on track, your nearest and dearest are living every second of the race with you – even if they’re on the other side of the world.

There are no words to fully explain our appreciation for everything you put up with so that we can do this, and everything you’ve done to help us along the way. Thank you.


And we can’t forget our friends who are always willing to drop everything and come along to lend a hand whenever we ask. So thank you all.