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Welcome to Chirani Racing.....

Welcome to Chirani Racing. We are privately funded motorcycle racing team based in Bournemouth and this year we are competing in the NG Road Racing Club Championship. Our weapons of choice for this year are Suzuki SV650 machines which we will be running in the restricted "Minitwins" class.

2009 - Chirani Racing Update

Since its inception in 2003 Chirani racing have exclusively run two riders (the founding team members) on supersport machines. Chirani effectively took a break in 2007 as everyone involved with the team needed to recoup (funds and energy!). Unfortunately due to personal circumstances this one year break became two and is now in danger of becoming three!

Fortunately, in 2008 a new rider entered the fray to carry the name of Chirani Racing through the season as he competed in the NGRRC Minitwins championship on a Suzuki SV650S. Having being drawn towards the fun, excitement, restricted costs and a more level playing field of the Minitwins series plans are in place for the original team riders to make a comeback in this class and make Chirani Racing a 3-strong team...

Keep an eye out for us before the end of 2009!